EmpRes Healthcare Announces New Location
EmpRes Healthcare opens post-acute care center in Idaho Falls, Idaho
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EmpRes Healthcare Announces Acquisition
EmpRes Healthcare acquires: No Place Like Home Senior Care

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Clayton South, RVP - Nevada; Sharon Ragsdale, General Manager; Brent Weil, COO; Rick Ackerson, Executive Director; Steve Stradley, HR.

About EmpRes

EmpRes Healthcare is proud to provide management consulting and other services to skilled nursing homes and assisted living communities located in the western United States.  The teams at each community provide a broad spectrum of healthcare and related services including but not limited to nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, life enrichment activities and other specialty services. Our role is to provide support to the local teams' needs so they can more fully dedicate themselves to residents, patients and families.

Our Communities

Each EmpRes Healthcare managed center sits comfortably in its local community. Whether that’s a quiet residential neighborhood or a lively town center, families and friends are nearby. Our teams delight in bringing a special local flavor to services and programs. They understand that familiar surroundings, people and memories make healing and living special. We’re proud of the way each team gives back to its community through outreach and volunteer activities. Being a good neighbor is a value we all share.

Learn more about the communities currently served by EmpRes Healthcare in California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.