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More Than a Job

“I come to work every day simply because of my residents. I enjoy being a CNA and helping people. Residents impact my life with each encounter, I always learn something from them.” —Longview, WA


“I feel like healthcare is my destiny. This is my first job and I’m loving it! My Center has become my second family. I enjoy working with my co-owners and caring for my residents. I see my residents as if they were my own parents. I always look forward to seeing them and making them smile.” —Heartwood, CA


“When I visited another Long-Term Care (LTC) facility in another state (not an EmpRes location) I was completely saddened and in disbelief about how the place was. That was the day I decided I wanted to alter my degree path and specialize in long term care (LTC). Now, every day makes me feel like I am helping the LTC community. I come to work every day for the residents. Knowing I am an owner makes me feel like the building, in a sense, is partially mine. So it makes me want to improve it and take care of it for those who work and reside in it.” —Cheyenne, WY


“I was actually looking for a different job when I was referred here by a friend. I love the team I work with. There is flexibility in setting my schedule, and I have the ability to work from home when possible. Not to mention, it’s good pay. Keep in mind that the condition of our patients is not a job, it’s their lives.” —Bellingham, WA



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