Making a Difference


We are proud to support many causes that positively impact the lives of our residents, patients, families, owners, and communities.

Our Commitment to Caring

Spending time reflecting on our own values and perspectives helps us to understand, appreciate, and celebrate the wisdom that often comes with life experience. Whether it’s through sharing life lessons, a funny story, or skill, we all have something to offer those around us. We give our fellow employees the tools to share their time and talents with our family here at EmpRes and throughout the community.

Back to School Supplies Drive

For students who come from low-income families, purchasing school supplies is difficult. This year, EmpRes and Eden locations across the board participated in school supply drives that help students return to school with everything they need to succeed. What an excellent way to show our investment in our local communities, and demonstrate our ongoing Commitment to Caring.

Adopt-a-Resident Program

The holiday season can be especially hard for residents and patients. During this time of year, EmpRes coordinates an “adopt-a-resident” giving program, in which our most needy residents are provided gifts from their holiday wish lists. EmpRes employees join forces as sponsors to make sure every resident is remembered during the holiday season. This program is a wonderful way to show how much we care about our EmpRes family.

Center Beautification

Our Vancouver Service Office organizes annual volunteer opportunities for employees to engage and give back at EmpRes locations. The goals of the program are to provide minor repair, landscaping, and beautification services to our centers, engage our service employees in center environment and make more beautiful EmpRes communities.

Healthcare Advocacy

Due to the significant influence government has in delivering care, EmpRes is actively involved politically so as to assure that regulations, reporting and financing considerations are such that quality care can remain our focus. This involvement has helped shape important matters within each state as well as the national level.


We value our dedicated volunteers who help us build positive and supportive communities.


There is no substitute for a meaningful career. Join our team today!