News Release

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, WA 08/31/2023 EmpRes Healthcare Acquired by Evergreen Healthcare Group Issac Yenowitz, CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Group Successfully Acquires EmpRes Healthcare   Vancouver, WA 08/31/2023 – Issac Yenowitz, CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Group, announces the successful acquisition of EmpRes Healthcare from its CEO, Brent Weil. This strategic move marks a significant… Read more.

A Letter from Issac Yenowitz

08/31/2023 Dear Residents, Families, and Esteemed Team Members, I am writing to you today with a heart full of enthusiasm and gratitude as I share the successful acquisition of EmpRes Healthcare into the Evergreen Healthcare Group family. EmpRes Healthcare has long stood as a beacon of compassionate care and unwavering dedication. As we transition to… Read more.

New Management

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Roland Lau

Meet Roland Lau, our esteemed Associate General Counsel at Evergreen. With a distinguished career spanning years, Roland brings a wealth of legal expertise to our organization. As a dedicated legal professional, he plays a pivotal role in upholding ethical standards and compliance within the complex landscape of healthcare. Roland has been an employee of EmpRes… Read more.

Shimon Spielman

Chief Financial Officer Read more.

Melanie Bravo

Melanie Bravo, a visionary leader in the healthcare industry, serves as the President of Sales and Development for Evergreen. With a career spanning over two decades, Melanie has consistently driven innovation and growth, shaping the organization's trajectory with her strategic prowess. Melanie joined Evergreen in August of 2022. Her passion for empowering individuals to access… Read more.

Deb Hoven

Chief Strategy Officer Read more.

Carrie Moore

Chief Nursing Officer Read more.

Carrey Beers

President of Operations Read more.

Issac Yenowitz

Chief Executive Officer Read more.