Valentines for Our Residents

Valentines for Our Residents

Life without visitors has been challenging for our long-term care residents. Despite this, our residents have found strength and comfort in the continual outpouring of love and support from their communities.

Greeting cards, postcards, letters, and other messages of support are deeply cherished by our residents. These warm, heartfelt messages bring joy to an otherwise difficult time.

This year, you can help make a positive impact and brighten up Valentine’s Day by sending Valentines cards, art, and messages of well-wishes to residents in EmpRes Centers in your community and across the country!

Send Valentines to Our Centers

You can mail Valentines to the EmpRes Healthcare Vancouver Service Office. Prior to Valentine’s Day, we will collect and distribute Valentines across our Centers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

You are more than welcome to send as many Valentines and messages to as many Centers as you would like!

Please mail your Valentines to:

EmpRes Healthcare Management
4601 NE 77th Avenue, Suite 300
Vancouver, WA 98662

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