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News Release

Posted on August 31, 2023



Vancouver, WA 08/31/2023

EmpRes Healthcare Acquired by Evergreen Healthcare Group

Issac Yenowitz, CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Group Successfully Acquires EmpRes Healthcare


Vancouver, WA 08/31/2023 – Issac Yenowitz, CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Group, announces the successful acquisition of EmpRes Healthcare from its CEO, Brent Weil. This strategic move marks a significant step in the evolution of both organizations, fostering a stronger commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services.

With this acquisition, EmpRes Healthcare and Evergreen Healthcare Group are poised to embark on a new chapter. Under the newly established name “EmpRes Operated by Evergreen,” both organizations will work in tandem to elevate healthcare excellence across communities. The transition of EmpRes Healthcare to the Evergreen Healthcare Group portfolio is aimed at ensuring a seamless experience for residents and employees alike. The leadership teams of both organizations are collaborating closely to uphold the high standards of care and services during the integration process.

EmpRes Healthcare, currently operating 46 centers and Eden Health, will be separating its operations. Brent Weil, CEO of EmpRes, will take charge of Eden, while the EmpRes centers will be integrated into Evergreen Healthcare Group’s expanding portfolio.

Issac Yenowitz states, “We are thrilled about the acquisition of EmpRes Healthcare, which signifies a pivotal moment in our journey to provide exceptional healthcare services. By integrating EmpRes centers into Evergreen Healthcare Group’s portfolio, we aim to leverage our combined expertise to set new standards of care. This acquisition reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering healthier lives within the communities we serve.”

Brent Weil states “As we navigate this transition, our focus remains on providing outstanding care and support to the individuals we serve. I think this team is going to take good care of EmpRes and continue to drive success. With the separation of EmpRes and Eden, I am excited to continue leading Eden Health. This move allows us to concentrate on our strengths while ensuring that EmpRes centers are in capable hands with Evergreen Healthcare Group. Our shared dedication to quality care assures a bright future for both organizations.”

Both Evergreen Healthcare Group and EmpRes Healthcare share a dedication to delivering compassionate, high-quality healthcare services. This acquisition reinforces their collective commitment to quality-care practices and personalized attention.

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About Evergreen Healthcare Group

Operating across the states of California, Nevada, and Washington, Evergreen Healthcare Group boasts a robust presence with 11 healthcare facilities. Over the course of three years, Evergreen Healthcare Group has strategically pursued acquisitions to strengthen their portfolio, positioning themselves as a formidable force in the healthcare industry. With a focus on excellence and growth, they are steadfast in their mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to the communities they serve.

About EmpRes Healthcare

Founded in 1977, EmpRes Healthcare operates in eight states with a network of 46 centers. With a rich history of providing compassionate and high-quality healthcare services, EmpRes Healthcare remains dedicated to enhancing well-being through personalized care practices with integrity, dedication, and empathy at the core of their care.

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