Investing in Our Employees


EmpRes Healthcare is 100% Employee Owned, and few long-term care, Home Health, Hospice, and Home Care providers can say that!

100% Employee Owned

We believe our employees should share the success of our company in a tangible way. That’s why we created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which transfers an ownership interest and pride of our company directly to our employees. Participating in the ESOP program means employees benefit financially from a job well done. Additionally, being employee-owned means that every EmpRes location is locally owned by members of the community they serve.

Daily Pay

Your Paycheck. Any time. Anywhere.

At EmpRes, you can access the money you’ve earned instantly with the tap of a button. For each active work hour, you build an available balance. You can transfer these earnings instantly to your bank account at any time. There is no fee for employees to enroll, and transfer fees start at $1.25–that’s less than an ATM fee! Come payday, you receive your full paycheck with any transfers you’ve made deducted automatically. There’s nothing to pay back, nothing to do differently! Contact your location’s payroll representative to enroll.

Administrator in Training Program

The Administrator in Training (AIT) program at EmpRes is a full-time paid training program designed to prepare trainees for a career as an Administrator in an EmpRes center. AITs receive practical training in a skilled environment under the direct supervision of an experienced Administrator.  The program includes hands-on training within a facility, shadowing in the field to learn specific job functions, and independent study.

Training and Education Assistance

You may be given the opportunity to attend training or educational programs in the course of your employment. EmpRes Healthcare is committed to assisting employees in their personal and professional growth by offering training and education assistance and reimbursement to eligible employees interested in continuing their education in a related field. Assistance is provided to eligible employees for courses approved in advance.

Employee Hardship Fund

EmpRes employees are given the option to voluntarily contribute $1.00 – $5.00 per pay period through automatic payroll deduction to create a hardship fund for other employees who are facing unexpected financial challenges due to an extreme misfortune. 100% of the donated funds go directly to help employees in need. No donated money is used to administer the program.

Find a Career

At EmpRes, we believe there is no substitute for a meaningful career. Join us today!

Making a Difference

We are proud to support many causes that positively impact our communities.