COVID-19 Response

Proactive Approach

EmpRes Healthcare is committed to staying up to date with the latest state health department and
CDC recommendations for protecting our employee-owners, residents, patients, and visitors.

Per the CDC, State, and local guidelines, visitation may be prohibited. Please contact the center directly to determine visitation guidelines.

Essential visitors include loved ones of residents who are near end of life. For all other visitors, we are encouraging remote visits by telephone or FaceTime. To schedule a remote visit, please contact the center directly.

EmpRes Healthcare Information Hotline

For other questions or inquiries regarding our COVID19 response, please call our EmpRes Healthcare Information Hotline

EmpRes Healthcare Information Hotline
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PST (0800 – 1700 PST)

Action Plan

The wellbeing of our residents remains our top priority at EmpRes. In addition to the health safety practices we have in place, we’ve taken measures to boost morale, comfort, and engagement for our residents and employees.

While we wish we could answer every question we receive, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our employees and residents.




Employee Education


Survey Findings


Community Support


In a show of support and appreciation for our center staff, our Vancouver Service Office organized several “Salute to Healthcare Workers” events at our local skilled nursing centers in Washington and Oregon. We lined the streets outside of the buildings and offered cheers of support, encouragement, and gratitude for our frontline heroes during shift changes.



In May 2020 we launched our Healthcare Heroes campaign to recognize employee-owners who have gone above and beyond to care for residents, support team members, and demonstrate our Core Values of Integrity, Dedication, and Empathy.

From the entire Executive leadership team to all of our employee-owners on the frontlines, thank you for everything you do as we fight COVID-19. Your strength, bravery, and commitment to our residents and each other is what makes us not only a great company to work for, but a great place to receive personalized and compassionate care. We are honored to work alongside you and are committed to fighting this battle with you. Thank you.

Click here to learn more about our Healthcare Heroes campaign

Firesteel_TY Banner

Firesteel Healthcare Center (Mitchell, SD)

We love our local first responders! From CNAs and RNs, to Firefighters and Police Officers, and everyone in between who is fighting the COVID-19 fight, we salute you! --Firesteel Healthcare Center.

Wind River_TY Banner1

Wind River Rehabilitation and Wellness (Riverton, WY)

In the words of Superman: “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Heartwood Avenue

Heartwood Avenue Healthcare (Vallejo, CA)

Heartwood Team with a caring ❤️

Rawlins Wellness and Rehabilitation

Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness (Rawlins, WY)

Thank you - #RawlinsProud

Shelton Health and Rehabilitation

Shelton Health and Rehabilitation (Shelton, WA)

Shelton Health and Rehab has nothing but love for our team and community! Everyday we are #NURSINGHOMESTRONG!

Shepherd of the Valley

Shepherd of the Valley Rehabilitation and Wellness (Casper, WY)

Thank you Station 6 for always coming through for us, even when it’s just for a picture! #HealthcareUnited

Springs Road Healthcare

Springs Road Healthcare (Vallejo, CA)

With everything going on in the world, THANK YOU is the least we can say. Not just to healthcare workers but to all those still on the clock serving the community in so many ways

Fort Vancouver Post Acute Center

Fort Vancouver Post Acute Center (Vancouver, WA)

#InThisTogether ...For our patients and each other, for our community and the great State of Washington, for the USA!

Alderwood Park

Alderwood Park Health and Rehabilitation (Bellingham, WA)

“Not All Superheroes Wear Capes” Alderwood Park is so thankful for for each team member and the role they play in caring for our residents.

EmpRes Vancouver Service Office

EmpRes Vancouver Service Office (Vancouver, WA)

From all of us at the Vancouver Service Office, THANK YOU! Words truly cannot describe how fortunate we all are because of all of you. “Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.” -unknown

Frontier Rehab and Extended Care

Frontier Rehabilitation and Extended Care (Longview, WA)

Wearing our “We ❤️ Our Residents” Frontier Owner shirts, we made a shape of a heart under our new Thank You Healthcare banner. Thank you to EmpRes Healthcare for showing us you care! #togetherwecan

Aspen Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center

Aspen Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center (Billings, MT)

Sending ❤LOVE❤ From Aspen Meadows!


What is Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

How does COVID-19 spread?

What Are the Symptoms?

How Can I Protect Myself?

What if I am sick or develop symptoms?

Ways to Help

Thank you for your interest in helping our residents and staff. There are many ways you can offer assistance. Some are listed below, but feel free to reach out to your local Center or Agency for specific needs as well.

We are all coping with our new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic, and life without visitors has changed the experience of our long-term care patients. We have been delighted with the outpouring of support from those in the community who want to bring light and positivity to patients of our skilled nursing centers during this difficult time.

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We Value Your Opinion

Have you experienced a positive response to COVID-19 at one of our EmpRes Heathcare or Eden Health locations? Let us know! Your feedback helps us continue to serve our residents and patients by providing the highest quality care.

Feedback Form

“My dad has [been a Resident at EmpRes] since January 2019. The care he receives there is wonderful. Each day when they enter the building they put their best foot forward and put their personal lives on hold to care for my dad and others.

The communication is beyond any expectation anyone could possibly have. At the first sign of the Coronavirus pandemic, I received a phone call (ON A SATURDAY) to advise me of the actions they were taking to keep my dad and others safe. Then, two days later, I received the same message via US postal mail. Then a couple of days later I received another phone call to advise me of further actions they were taking. Then just yesterday I received the recorded call from EmpRes.

I have respected efforts to keep everyone as safe as they can and have not visited my dad in person. I don’t need to worry about him because of the care he gets. They have offered to make SKYPE available to me and he is always free to use the Center phone to contact me and vice-versa.

Thank you to everyone in your organization who do what you do each day to provide care for folks like my dad.”

Family of a Resident
Firesteel Healthcare Center

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