Visitors & Pets


Visitors are always welcome at EmpRes Corporate . Because many residents live here, we request that visitors be respectful of other residents and that children are kept under parental supervision at all times. If you plan to visit the Center between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am, please contact the Center’s Executive Director prior to your visit.


Each of our nurses is trained and experienced to create a comfortable environment that includes simple routines and visual cues as a positive substitute for diminishing mental processes.


Free parking is provided for patients and their visitors, 24 hours a day, in all hospital lots. If you would like help finding us, see our driving directions page.


All visitors, including resident family and friends, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and government representatives, are required to abide by the center’s smoking policy. Please see the Smoking Policy page for more information.


Consider joining the center’s Family Council. A family council is, in effect, a consumer advocate group. It is typically comprised of residents’ relatives and friends. Family council meetings are usually held monthly. Typically, a staff member of the Skilled Nursing Care center serves in an advisory capacity, rather than assuming a membership role. The council focuses on several established goals centered on protecting and improving quality of life, both within the facility and within the long term care system as a whole. The council works to give families a voice in decisions that affect them and their loved ones. Family councils may organize events or offer support to new residents and their families.


Pets are welcome visitors in the Center given the following conditions:

  • The pet is clean, appropriately immunized, and free of parasites (such as fleas and ticks).
  • The pet is maintained on a leash, and properly supervised by a human companion visitor at all times during the pet’s visit.
  • The pet is not allowed in the Center dining room during meal times.

Some animals are not allowed in the Center. Please see the Executive Director prior to having a pet brought into the Center to find out if your pet is appropriate.