Smoking Policy

EmpRes Corporate is a Smoke-Free Center. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and on exterior grounds.

Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is prohibited for everyone on the property owned and operated by the Center, including residents, employees, visitors, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and government representatives.

This policy applies to:

  • Buildings, Whether Occupied or Unoccupied
  • Vehicles Owned or Leased by the Company
  • Personal Vehicles Parked on Premise
  • Parking Lots and Common Outdoor Areas Within the Boundaries of the Ground

The Center does not own the sidewalks and streets that border the grounds.

Prohibiting smoking in the Center and on the grounds preserves everyone’s right to breathe clean, smoke-free air while allowing adults who smoke to continue to do so off grounds. This decision supports the rights and privileges of smokers and non-smokers alike as well as the state’s Clean Indoor Act, as applicable.

There is no “right” to smoke under either state or federal law; the governing board has the right to regulate the use of the Center’s property.


Currently, medical marijuana is legal under some state laws, but remains illegal under federal law. Consequently, the Center does not allow or condone the use of medical marijuana on its property.