Center Rules


A resident’s family or visitors can share items the Center does not serve with the resident they are visiting, if that is the resident’s desire. If the resident’s family or visitors brings the resident food that is not prescribed by the resident’s physician and the resident wants to eat that food, then the Center’s staff must be given an opportunity to explain to the resident, prior to eating that food, the risks associated with refusing to follow and the benefits of following the diet prescribed by the resident’s physician.

Your physician may prescribe a low sodium or low sugar diet for you. We are required to follow your physician’s diet orders. The Center cannot change your diet without a physician’s order. If you do not like the diet your physician has prescribed for you, we encourage you to talk with your physician.

Please read our Keeping Resident Food Safe handout before bringing food from home.


The resident or resident group may hire private duty personnel, including, but not limited to, nurse aides and sitters, only with advance approval from the Center’s Executive Director or Director of Nursing Services; advance approval is for the purpose of completing a criminal background check and proper immunization of the proposed private duty personnel. You agree to provide the Center with any information and fees required to complete a criminal background check on any proposed private duty personnel. Upon hire but prior to providing service to you, private duty personnel must be orientated by the Center to the Center’s fire safety codes and the Center’s rules.

The resident and resident group understands that current Center employees are not eligible to serve as private duty personnel.

The resident shall be financially responsible for any private duty personnel charges. The resident and resident group expressly acknowledges their understanding that private duty personnel are the resident’s employee or contractor. The resident and resident group understands that a private duty personnel’s failure to follow care plans, Center rules, federal and state regulations, or any combination thereof is the resident’s sole responsibility. The resident and resident group will save, indemnify, and hold the Center harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, suites, damages, liabilities, and expenses based upon, arising out of, or attributable to the negligent performance or nonperformance of such private duty personnel.

The Center reserves the right to withdraw approval of any private duty personnel at any time.


All medication and alcohol require a physician’s order and are administered by the nursing staff. The Center can only accept medications that it receives directly from a pharmacy.


You cannot bring over the counter medication into the Center. This includes vitamins, laxatives, aspirin, cold medicines, or antacids.


We are concerned about the privacy of every resident, visitor, and employee. Our goal is to comply with patient privacy regulations and in furtherance of that goal this Center does not allow the use of any recording or surveillance device in the Center (including, but not limited to, cameras, camera cell phones, audio recording devices) or on the premises without the express written permission of the Center’s Executive Director.


You may use social media websites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, or Twitter). When using these websites please be respectful of other residents in the Center and do not write about or post photos or video of other residents. Posting information, photos, or video of other residents without their permission may be a violation of that resident’s privacy. The Center does not condone such actions by its residents. Please see Center Rules in this Resident Handbook for more information on the Center’s practices concerning social media.


Our goal is to prevent the loss of personal items. Please use discretion when bringing items from home. We do our best to protect your property, but you are responsible for your personal items. We strongly recommend leaving valuables, such as jewelry, watches, or other items of great monetary or sentimental value at home.

If you have any questions about the safe keeping of these items, please see the Executive Director or nursing staff.


We encourage you to bring in personal items (such as size appropriate furniture, pictures, art, memorabilia, etc.) to personalize your room during your stay. Limits on personalization may occur due to space constraints or safety.


Some items, such as electrical appliances and equipment, are potential fire hazards and will need to be approved by the Center prior to use. For safety reasons, we may not allow certain appliances or other equipment in the Center, and may require that you remove an appliance or other equipment brought into the Center. Please see your Executive Director for written approval before bringing an appliance or equipment into the center.